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Memorial Day is Approaching - Mourn and Rejoice

I AM Grateful!

The National Women Veterans United ( SGT Simone A. Robinson Military Women Veteran's Center is named after a young woman who died during Operation Enduring Freedom.

Each year the organization visits a cemetery in Illinois where the twins I lost, my grandmother, and my dad (steps from where SGT Robinson is buried). Although I have moved forward, I still experience the associated grief, which causes a challenge for me to participate.

According to Psychology Today, for some people, grief is a short-term phenomenon known as acute grief, although the pain may return unexpectedly later. But other individuals may experience prolonged grief, also known as complicated grief, lasting months or years. Without help and support, such grief can lead to isolation and chronic loneliness.

Like many others, I don't always want to rejoice or be happy that my loved ones are in a better place. So I embrace my grief with sadness with gratitude. That's correct. I wrap gratitude around the sadness. I have appreciation coupled with tears.

I am happy that my dad lived and transitioned the way he always wanted to. I am also grateful for the many lessons and love I have enjoyed. Since I lost the twins, I became pregnant and had my youngest daughter. Had they been here, I would have never met my baby girl, "Your favorite Karen."

Today I am Whole; I use Meditation, Prayer, Breathing, and Gratitude as tools for balance. Sometimes I sit alone in silence. I choose to Rejoice with them that do rejoice and weep with them that weep. Romans 12:15 KJV. So this Memorial Day, while grief is present, try to find something you are grateful about. This is the work!

Always at Your Service,

Nekohl C. Johnson


Be Whole with Nekohl

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