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A Queen was Born Again

Booik Club Flyer

A Queen was Born Again

Online Book Club Focus Group 

Nekohl Johnson, Author

March 1-12, 2024

Your participation includes admission Into periodic raffles during the month of March, a free copy of the published book, and a one-to-one session with the author. This session will cover topics such as
'Time in a Day" and "Building Your Own Wheel"
Let's Go!

Throughout the 12-day review:

1.      What do you think motivated the author to share their life story? How did you respond to the author's voice?

2.      Do you think the author is trying to evoke a particular response from the reader, such as sympathy?

3.      How has the book changed or improved your view of the author?

4.      Discuss the structure of the book and the author's use of language and writing style. How does the author engage and keep the reader engaged? How would you describe how the author conveys their story, such as comedy, self-pity, or something else?

5.      Were there any instances in which you felt the author was not truthful? How did you react to those sections?

6.      What is the author's most admirable quality? Is this someone you would like to know or have known?

7.      Compare this book to other memoirs you have read. Is it similar to any of them? Did you like it more or less than other books you've read?

8.      What do you think will be your lasting impression of the book?

9.      What was your favorite moment in the book? Your least favorite?

10.     If you had to choose one lesson that the author was trying to teach us with this story, what would it be?

11.        If you could write one more chapter after the ending, what would you write?

12.       Did the memoir make you reflect on your own past or future?

About the Book

Everybody has a story. A Queen was Born Again is an excerpt from my story. I so appreciate you taking space from your precious "Time in a Day" to support this journey and possibly begin a new journey for yourselves.


There is no Triumph without Trial. You are the Victor- No Longer Victim! That changes today, and I'm here to join and support you!


As the Author of this manuscript, I welcome you to share feedback, input, and any other thoughts in the comment section of the chat! Some questions may be used as prompts, but they are not required. I only ask that if your comments are relative to a particular question that you answer under it.


Otherwise, you may use number 12 for your correspondence.


Thank you again, and Let's Go Team!

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