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Look to become whole while building your

own personal wheel and wellness plans.

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Nekohl Johnson Business Card

Be Whole with Nekohl Workshops

Expect Self-Discovery


  • Education & Information from Professional Clinicians and Speakers 

  • Exercises and Tools to Fill Your Treasure Chest

  • Opportunities to Set Realistic Goals for Future Wellness 

  • A Custom Wholeness Wheel created for Exclusive use as You Evolve

You may have heard of Ezekiel's Wheel

Ezekiel 1:21 Part 2 KJV ..for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels. 

There are many illustrations of the Wholeness Wheel 

Used to identify the interrelationships between the

dimensions of well-being and to understand a person's whole health.

Let's Build a Custom Wheel Together

~Be Whole with Nekohl~

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Veterans Corner
As a veteran, I provide resources and support for veterans and trauma survivors

Treating Trauma through

Shakespeare and Science

Classes for DE-CRUIT

Nekohl Offers classes for trauma healing using the Trauma Healing Institute

Classes for Trauma Healing

Share Your Story! Fridays with The South Side Strong Coalition for Suicide Prevention Veterans Coffee Social

Veterans Coffee Social

Theatre Company & Ensemble

Meeting You Where You are and Taking You Where you Want to Be!

Where We Meet, Inc.

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