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My Coaching & Workshops are
Launching Soon
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Look to become whole while building your own personal wheel and wellness plans.

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'Build Your own Wheel'
Be Whole with Nekohl Workshops

Expect Self-Discovery from the 'Build Your Own Wheel' (BYOW)


  • Education & Information from Professional Clinicians and Speakers 

  • Exercises and Tools to fill your Treasure Chest

  • Opportunities to Set Realistic Goals for Future Wellness 

  • A Custom Wholeness Wheel created for Exclusive use as You Evolve

You may have heard of Ezekiel's Wheel

Ezekiel 1:21 Part 2 KJV ..for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels. 

There are many illustrations of the Wholeness Wheel 

Used to identify the  interrelationships between the dimensions of well-being and to understand a persons whole health.

Let's Build a Custom Wheel Together

~Be Whole with Nekohl~

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