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I AM the Veteran ~ Women are Veterans Too!

Going through my life unrecognized was a challenge and a fear. I always wanted to be noticed but was too shy to be my true self. As an adult, I AM not the same. I act, move, and speak with my God-given authority. My candid approach to conversations is a gift but may be considered a curse to a receiver who does not want to know the truth from my perspective.

As a Veteran, it is common practice to recognize men and ask the fully armored woman. "Oh, are you a veteran?" I was at brunch on Veterans Day 2022 with a male comrade. I was fully dressed in military-related gear; he only wore a hat. I asked the waitress if there was a military discount. The waitress immediately looked at the man and said, "Thank you for your service ." We both chuckled, and he said, "She is a Veteran Too ." The woman deeply apologized as she walked away

Assuming that only men are veterans is an all too common assumption that the man in the room is the veteran. Women have proudly served and participated in every major conflict since the American Revolution. Veterans can be pregnant, work full-time, and raise children - sometimes alone. She can also be Commander, 1st Lieutenant, or General. Women have been serving in the military since the first war. Even occasionally dressing as men. Women have died serving this country. Find out more by research. June 12th is the date set aside to recognize women in the military. Please do not assume. Please join us as we remember the past, and present and salute the service of women Veterans down through the years. Women Are Veterans Too!



Salute Women Veterans on June 12th and Each Day.

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